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Black Diamond Bunk Beds

Florida Beach Bunk Bed : Customizable Bunk Bed for Adults

Florida Beach Bunk Bed : Customizable Bunk Bed for Adults

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Stain Color

This bunk bed is built for adults and kids.  It features 4" posts and metal railing to accommodate up to 10" mattresses.   This bed is a very popular bed and can be configured in any size you can think of.  Our customizable bunk beds are built to withstand about 800 lbs. including the mattress.  

This bed can be perpendicular or parallel depending on your room's needs.

Average dimensions are listed below and may vary a few inches depending on your customizations.  It is important for us to know the width and length and height of the bunk bed that you're envisioning so that we can accommodate your needs. 

Twin Lofts are 45"x82"long

Twin XL Lofts are 45"x87"long

Full Lofts are 61"x82"long

Full XL Lofts are 45"x87"long

Queen Lofts are 67"x87" long

The beds below follow the same measurements as above.  


Diagonal Ladders take up about 20"x17" of floor space.   Stairs are customizable and can be configured and cut on site. Typically we try to follow the width dimensions of the bed for the stairs which are 19" wide.

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