Colorado River Full over King Bunk Bed

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The Colorado River Bunkbed is made to accommodate both children and adults.   It is very strong and sturdy and is a separable unit, meaning that the bed above is not attached to the bed below

Many aspects of this bed are customizable by our delivery team, which travels nationwide.  Most orders are delivered within 2-3 months.

Custom made bunk beds for adults, vacation homes and other uses are what we specialize in.  Our bunk beds will always accommodate higher than normal weight limits.  For example, our queen over queen would hold 600 lbs up top and down below.  The hardware we use is rated for heavy duty construction, but stylish enough to accentuate the rustic qualities of the bed.



The ladder provided will be a diagonal ladder, which is the most popular and easiest to ascend and descend.   If you'd like other options, please email us for examples and pricing.


All orders include a free sample kit that will be sent to you once your order is placed.  At that time you'll be able to sample and compare colors and finishes to ensure that your bunk bed is completed in the finish and color that you like.


Dimensions for this configuration are 90" (length of loft) by 87" (length of bed below).

The diagonal ladder adds approximately 20".  If you'd like the ladder to be in front of the bunk bed, a platform will be added which will make the upper bunk 20" longer.   If you'd like it at the foot of the bed, which is recommended, the dimensions above will stay the same.