Custom Bunk Beds Delivered to YOU!

About Black Diamond Custom Bunk Beds

In a nutshell, we make and deliver custom bunk beds across the country!  How do we do it?  We typically load up a truck with 5-6 orders that are in route with each other.  For example, typically we will have a Colorado order to deliver along with a New Mexico stop, a Texas stop, followed by a South Carolina and more than likely a Florida delivery or two.  We charge a flat rate to every one who orders and disperse the expenses of such a trek with all of the orders.  In many ways, it's quite fun, but it can be challenging.  Regardless, we do enjoy it and hope to help you get your bunk bed as well.  Sometimes it causes headaches, but financially, it is the absolute best way to get you your bunk bed at a very reasonable cost.  Believe it or not, it's cheaper to do it this way as opposed to shipping and having you set it up!

We deliver to Custom Bunk Beds nationwide!

Hi, let me introduce myself, I'm Andy.  I've been building bunk beds for over 10 years.   Most of our clients are vacation home owners who need to rack 'em and stack 'em!  Meaning that they needed to sleep as many people as they can and needed creative ways to do it!  That's where we come in.   We can help you design and build your custom bunk room.   Because we want you to have a quality product, we will even drive to you and set it up for you!

As far as custom bunk beds go, we can help you with that!  I can't tell you how much I hate the bunk beds that are sold in stores.   They are rarely designed well or built to support anyone over 40 lbs.  Because of my experience building decks and being so frustrated with my own kids' beds breaking, I decided to make a bunk bed for them.   I don't like the bunk beds that look like they were thrown together with some 2x4 lumber.   Instead, I wanted to use thicker and bigger wood that would prominently appear as an actual piece of furniture and not a pile of do-it-yourself sticks.  If you want me to make your bunk bed, give me a call and I can help you design and build it.   Showing up at your door to put it together just makes sense!

We will create your custom bunk bed and deliver it right to where you want it!  We can even set it up for you!  Our bunk beds are built to last and uphold your family in safety while they sleep!  If you want a custom bunk bed delivered to you, set up for you so you don't have to do anything, please order your bed already!   Of course, if you just want us to ship it in boxes, we can do that too.  It's just not as fun. 


Place your order and put us to work!

Our King over King bunk beds are built and designed to support adults.   Everytime I have ever climbed onto a bunk bed that is typically sold in retail stores, I felt like I was living on the edge.   You can feel that it is a little wobbly and light.  Because of that feeling, you don't want to make any sudden moves up on the top bunk or even the lower bunk!

King over King bunk beds measure 68" wide and 88" long.  When you place your order, we ask you about your ceiling height, your window placement, closet placement, etc.   We want to make sure that when we deliver your bunk bed, that it is exactly what you want and it will fit without any problems.

King over King  bunk beds are great because they pretty much will fit in every room.  Kids love the space a larger bed provides and adults are typically okay with a queen bed.  Any of our queen bunk beds come in a king size as well.

Our beds will not wobble or shake.  We use high quality screws and hardware that is tested and rated for even bridges!  We do this because we don't want anyone to feel like they are risking their lives to get a good nights sleep.  If you would like more information or want to talk to us, please call us at 435-200-4982 and ask for Andy!