Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take from when I order to when we receive our bed?

Usually about 6-10 weeks.  Depending on our workflow and your destination, you may receive it sooner.   Your satisfaction with your bed is important to us, as such, we prefer not to be rushed with your order and do want you to be happy with your bunk beds.

What is the weight limit?

Most weight limits are 600 lbs per bed.  Some beds can support more, but please keep it at 600 or less.

What is the delivery like?

Our delivery personnel show up with a company truck with a cargo trailer.   Setup usually takes about 3-5 hours per bunk bed.  When your order is completed, we email you to inform you and schedule the delivery to give you advance notice.

Can I customize the Bunkbed?

Yes, we can make minor customizations on site; such as, height allotments, ladder placement, railing height, ladder step arrangements, etc.