Parallel Bunkbeds

Custom Parallel Bunk Beds

Our custom parallel bunk beds can support over 600 lbs on top. For most people who consider using this type of layout, they are looking to get the most sleeping space out of a smaller space or room. All of our styles can be modified to either be perpendicular or parallel once we arrive to set up your bunk bed.

Our prices are on our website! Simply choose a style and choose the options to arrive to your price. Delivery and setup of the bunk bed is typically around $600 and can vary depending on your location. Most customers receive their orders within 6-8 weeks under premium delivery conditions. Typical Dimensions of our bunk beds are listed below. Please keep in mind that these can vary based on your specific customization requests. Special Note: For double sets to be placed together, you will want to double the width and add for a platform and ladder if needed. Typically platforms are 16" wide. The height of the bunk bed will be determined once we arrive unless otherwise requested. Typically we like to make the posts at 84" tall and we determine the heights of the mattresses based on your comfort level and ceiling heights.

Parallel Beds:

Twin Loft: 82" long by 46" wide

Twin XL Loft: 87" long by 46" wide

Full Loft: 82" long by 61" wide

Full XL Loft: 87" long by 61" wide

Queen Loft: 87" long by 67" wide

King Loft: 87" long by 82" wide

If you need a bunk bed in a tight spot, we can usually modify the components of the bunk bed on site! We want your bunk bed to exactly what you want and our clean, qualified and background checked installers can make certain alterations at your home if needed.